Call for candidacies

Please note that the call for candidacy for FIABCI Prix d’Excellence International is now open, and we invite you to submit your projects!

FIABCI organizes Prix d’Excellence Awards annually since 1992 to recognize property projects which best embodies the excellence in all real estate disciplines.

14 categories are open to candidacy this year :

Environmental (Rehabilitation/ Conservation) Category

Project that rehabilitates an environment or to conserve existing environment, i.e. Ex mining land, polluted river, land fill, land that has been damaged severely by industrial use, marshland destroyed by deforestation or such similar damaged land.

Environmental (Rehabilitation/ Conservation) Category
Project that rehabilitates an environment or to conserve existing environment, i.e. mining land, polluted river, land fill, land that has been damaged severely by industrial use, marshland destroyed by deforestation or such similar damaged land.

Heritage (Restoration/ Conservation) Category
Restoration or conservation old buildings that have been identified by the relevant authorities for Heritage Conservation.

Hotel Category
Business type or leisure type, service apartments that are strictly operated as hotel, etc.

Industrial Category
For industrial building, industrial parks, technology parks, warehouse, factory, workshop, etc.

Master Plan Category
For a development concept plan that has been approved by the authority, i.e. township development and housing estate development

Office Category
For office buildings and office parks

Public Infrastructures/ Amenities Category
Project exclusively financed and developed by public fund, i.e. government building, hospitals, road, bridges, airport, stadium, etc.

Residential (High Rise) Category
Apartments, condominiums (6 storey and above)

Residential (Low Rise) Category
Housing estates, housing complexes (5 storey and below)

Retail Category
Mall, shopping centers, hypermarket, etc.

Resort Category
Beach resorts, hill resorts etc. Resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. A self-contained resort attempts to provide for most of a vacationer’s wants while remains on the premises, such as food, drinks, lodging, sports, entertainment and shopping.

Rural (Homestead Development) Category
Country homes, farm developments, etc. The setting of this project should be in the rural environment. For example, a homestead in rural environment. An integrated farm with facilities; plantation estate that include housing with production and management office, a ranch with similar facilities as a plantation estate.

Specialized Project (Purpose Built) Category
For project/building that does not comply with any other categories. For instance, the hospital, airport, bus terminal, university and school, etc. This project should be funded by private sector and profit generated.

Sustainable Development Category
For energy saving project, i.e. save energy feature, building allow more natural lighting, conserve or harvest rain water for use

Take a chance to compete with international projects from more than 40 countries!

 Submit your candidacy by filling  this form and send it back to FIABCI Luxembourg team before 15 October 2013 to FIABCI Luxembourg, addressed to Melanie Winter: melanie [dot] winter [at] farvest [dot] com 

 Local pre- selection: once your form received, a selection board will advise whether the project has the skills to run the international awards.

 Official candidacy to FIABCI Prix d’Excellence International shall be sent before 31 October 2013.

 Projects selected to run the International Prix d’Excellence will have, as next step, to fill a complete candidacy form with more details about the project: construction, energy, marketing, finance, impact on local community, etc)

 Winners of FIABCI Prix d’Excellence International will be revealed at the occasion of the 65th FIABCI World Congress to be held in Luxembourg from 17 to 22 May 2014, during a gala dinner on 20 May 2014 at Rockhal.


15 October 2013: deadline to send your candidacy form to FIABCI Luxembourg, to Melanie Winter: melanie [dot] winter [at] farvest [dot] com

31 October 2013: deadline to submit a candidacy to FIABCI Prix d’Excellence International. Note: your project shall be submitted to FIABCI Luxembourg first!

17-22 May 2014: FIABCI 65th World Congress

21 May 2014: FIABCI Prix d’Excellence International gala dinner


Incubateur d’entreprises







Old industry to new industy. The respect of the industrial heritage in the refursnishment.











Social responsible approach in a private/public partnership for affordable dwelling in a competitive market. Innovative process competition with Developpers and Architects teams.
(Jury recommends to be part of International competition – focus on social issues and procedure)

Runner-up – Bonnevoie 9
Original wooden housing for multi tenant building

Gare Belval Universite Luxembourg







Challenge of the national railroad cy. Contemporary Design on for a public Transportation infrastructure. Site specific part of the Belval masterplan.

Incubateur d’entreprises – Esch Belval

Old industry to new industy representing the Future Economy trend of Luxembourg.






It’s unique for Luxembourg, very challenging. Need courage and flexibility – make the size of the Project accessible to the wide Real Estate community.
(Jury recommends to be part of International competition)

?Runner-up – Mondercange
The masterplan has created with minner elements a big quality increase of life for a small town

Horizon building






Outstanding energy efficency building with a proven commercial success.

Pavillon Madeleine






With a specific program including Michelin Star Cook, the Project has requalified the village center of Kayl and created a strong identity.

Runner-up – Kinnigsbund campus
Very well integrated school campus in the neighboorhood with multi purpuses facilities for the local community.

Château d’Urspelt







Challenging to establish in this Region. Integrated Project with a lot of dimensions.








Outstanding from a corporate identity approach and a core values and architectural point of view.

Runner-up – Horizon building
A realistic project in the Market with a high sense of sustainibility. A recognized commercial success.

Special Price Office category
BIL Terres rouges










Pioneer, courage, quality of the working place and a strong part of a major urban Development. Iconographic building.
(Jury recommends to be part of International competition)